GU20 x 40S


Stable and Rigid Spindle Head
  • The spindle runs on precision bearings, assuring maximum spindle stability. It guarantees outstanding accuracy for external and internal diameter grinding and face grinding.
  • The spindle head swivels +90°~-30°.
  • The spindle head on the 20 series machines provides variable speed changed by frequency inverter.
  • The spindle head on the 32 and 42 series is driven by a servomotor, providing variable speed.
Precision Wheel Head
  • The grinding wheel spindle is precision machined from high-quality alloy steel SNCM-220, normalized, tempered, carburized and sub-zero treated, precision ground and mirror-effect treated. Hardness reaches to over HRC 62°. No deformation, maximum wear resistance, and lifetime accuracy are assured.

Product description

Model GU20 x 40S
Distance Between Centers 400 mm
Swivel Over Table 200 mm
Max.Load of Centers 60 kg
Max. External Grinding Diameter 160 mm
Wheel Head
Swivel Angle ±30°
Manual Distance 135 mm
Auto Rapid Advance 25 mm
Sliding Seat Supplementary Displacement 95 (total 255 mm)
Min. Setting Unit 0.001 mm
One Turn of Handwheel (graduation) 2 (.005) mm
NC Feed Range 0~0.35 mm
Grinding Wheel
O.D x Width x I.D 305 x 38 x 127 mm
Speeds (belt-type) r.p.m 2085 / 2495
Work Spindle Head
Swivel Angle 120° (+90°,-30°)
Center Taper MT:3
Spindle Speeds (variable) .r.p.m 10~300
Max. Load of Spindle (tool holder includer) 15 kg (Max length:100 mm)
Center Taper MT:3
Stroeke 20 mm
Swivel Angle -3°,+12°
Traverse Speed 50~4000 mm/min
Auto. Reciprocate Min. Stroke 8 mm
Feed of One Turn of Handwheel (2-step) 20 mm (2mm)
Wheel Spindel 2.1 kw (4P)
Workhead Spindle 0.75 kw (4P)
Hydraulic Pump 0.75 kw (6P)
Wheel Spindel Lubrication Pump 0.18 kw (2P)
Coolant Pump 0.18 kw (2P)
Internal Grinding Spindle 0.375 kw (2P)
Tank Capacity
Wheel Spindle Lubricant Tank 12 L
Hydraulic Fluid Tank 65 L
Coolant Tank 100 L
Machine Weight
kgs 2000 kg

NOTE: We reserve the right to modify and improve the specification without notice, the specification shown above is for reference only.


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