Manford MF-450TM


  • Licensed Mehanite casting GC275 with annealing & Stress relieving treatment
  • 150-9002 quality approved, 100% accuracy and quality inspection
  • 1 Overload clutch of one-piece design, quill pinion shaft is spline designed to support to the overload clutch
  • 3 Double nut designed on the leadscrew nuts, a material made from PBC2 phosphor bronze provides anti-wearing and less backlash


  • 3HP 16 Speeds step head
  • ISO 30 / RB Spindle
  • Optional at extra cost

Product description


Specification 450TM / 450VS
Table size 254x1270mm (10”x50”)
T-slot of table (Q’ty x size) 3x16mm (3×0.629”)
Longitudinal travel (X axis) Manual 776mm(30.55”)
Auto 696mm (27.4”)
Cross travel (Y axis) 406mm (15.984”)
Vertical travel of knee (Z axis) 406mm (15.984”)
Ram travel 560mm (22”)
Quill travel 127mm (5”)
Spindle taper NST#30/R8 (Opt. NST#40)
Spindle to table nose 100~506mm (4”~20”)
Spindle center to column 159~719mm (6.25”~28.3”)
Over swivel on turret 360゜
Head swivel (R&L) +/-45゜
Head tilt (up&down) +/-45゜
Spindle motor 3HP
X axis motor Option: Power feed
Lifting motor Nil
Quill feed 0.04~0.08~0.14 mm/rpm (0.0016” ~ 0.003” ~ 0.006”)
Spindle speed Step head 50Hz low: 66~270 Hi: 550~2270
60Hz low: 80~325 Hi: 660~2720
Variable speed head 50Hz low: 50~420 Hi: 420~3750
60Hz low: 60~500 Hi: 500~4500
X axis rapid speed Nil
Lifting motor speed Nil
Overall height 2120mm (83.464”)
Overall depth 2073mm (81.614”)
Overall width 1680mm (66.141”)
Net weight 1250Kgs (2730lbs)

Note: We reserve the right to modify and improve the specification without notice. The specification shown above is for reference only.


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