• Rigid work spindle head: The rigid constructed spindle head employs high precision bearings assuring maximum spindle stability. It guarantees outstanding accuracy for external and internal diameter grinding (opt.) and faces grinding.
  • Precision wheel spindle: The grinding wheel spindle is precisely machined from high-quality alloy steel, normalized, tempered, carburized and sub-zero treated, precisely ground and mirror-effect treated. Non-deformation, maximum wear resistance, and lifetime accuracy are assured.
  • Wheel spindle hydro-static bearing: The hybrid hydro-static bearings are used for the wheel spindle. Metal-to-metal contact will never occur with these highly rigid bearings design and also avoid vibration.
  • Tailstock lubrication system: An automatic oil bath lubrication system has been provided for the tailstock to maintain high-level accuracy. An oil level gauge enables quick oil status checking.

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