• Convenient grinding operation: All the grinding motions, “from rough grinding, dressing, finish grinding to spark out”, are fully automatically operated. This provides high accuracy, convenient operation and greatly upgrades productivity. Also, it is excellent for mass production as well as small quantity, flexible workplace grinding.
  • The precision workhead spindle: The workhead spindle runs on a high precision roller bearing featuring high accuracy, high rigidity and silent running. The workhead can be swiveled at clockwise 7° ~anticlockwise 8°, allowing for grinding tapered workpleces.
  • The slide table: The slide reciprocating movement is driven by a hydraulic system, providing variable speed change and superior stability.
  • NC controlled auto. dressing with compensation: In case a diamond or CBN grinding wheel is applied, a selection of no dressing compensation is available. For hard-to-grind parts, a multiple dressing compensation mode can be selected to ensure the desired grinding quality.

Product description


Internal grinding range (I.D. : length = 1 : 3) Ø6~150 mm
Max. workpiece length 150 mm
Workhead cover swivelling dia. Ø280 mm
Work Spindle
Max. table traverse 540 mm
Max. table feeding speed Z axis 7.2 M/min (hydraulic / 1 axis)
Spindle speed 0~550 r.p.m.
Max. X axis feed speed 50 mm/min
X axis min. travel unit 0.001 mm
Workhead swivel Clockwise 7° ~ anticlockwise 8°
Hydraulic oil tank 60 L
Workhead motor 1 HP, 4P
Hydraulic pump motor 2 HP, 4P
Grinding wheel motor 2 HP, 2P
Coolant pump motor 1/8 HP, 2P
Workhead slide feeding motor 400 W
Machine weight
Net weight 2100 kg
The mentioned specifications & dimensions are subject to change without notice.


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