• The box type column is ruggedly constructed and combined scientifically with rib reinforcement for maximum rigidity. The cantilever beam is also of a box type construction and radiation-type rib reinforced, providing structural rigidity, minimum vibration and deformation-tree performance.
  • The structural parts such as base and table are of double wall construction, combined and scientifically rib reinforced for the best possible rigidity and stability.
  • The vertical feed axis is equipped with high precision, preload linear guideways combined with high precision ball screw transmission, providing superior grinding accuracy.
  • The vertical feed is controlled by an M.P.G. hand wheel instead of a conventional hand wheel. The feed is driven by an AC servomotor for effortless operation and high accuracy.
  • The table feed speed Is controlled by a 6-step change hydraulic system, which permits speed adjustment according to the workpiece for increased convenience of operation.

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