EBN (ZNC) controller specification
  • Capacity of Work Tank – 2250x1350x620 mm
  • Machine Outside Dimensions (WxDxH)  – 4300x3400x3250 mm
  • Work Table Size – 1850×1000 mm
  • Machine Weight – 8000 kgs
  • Longitudinal Travel (X-Axis) – 1400 mm
  • Max. Machining Current – 90 / 120 A (Optional)
  • Cross Travel (Y-Axis) – 700 mm
  • Max. Power Input – 10 / 13 KVA
  • Z Axis Travel (Z-Axis + W-Axis) – 500 mm

Product description


Capacity of work tank 2250X1350X620mm
Work table size 1850X1000mm
Longitudinal travel (X-axis) 1400mm
Cross travel (Y–axis) 700mm
Z axis travel (Z-axis+W-axis) 500mm
Distance between platen to table 550~1050mm
Max. Electrode weight 450kgs
Max. Work piece weight 6000kgs
Fluid tank capacity 2100L
Machine outside dimensions (WXDXH) 4300X3400X3250mm
Machine weight 8000kgs
Max. Machining Current 90A 120A(Optional)
Max. Power input 10KVA 13KVA
Max. Machining rate(mm3 /min 600 800
Min. Electrode wear ratio 0.15%
Best surface / Ra Ra 0.2µm
Min. D.R.O. resolution (mm) 0.005/0.001mm


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